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The Hidden People of Costa Rica

Deep in the rainforest of the Talamanca region, along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Northern Panama, live the... April 18, 2022

Preserving Lake Iguaque

Three hours northeast of Bogota, on a mountain range in the heart of Colombia, lies Lake Iguaque. The history, mythology... January 6, 2022

Let the sun shine in

Ecuador’s storied Galapagos Islands are the place to greet the animals – from sea lions to blue-footed boobies — up... October 10, 2019

A case of terminal uniqueness?

People have been traveling to the Galapagos Islands for hundreds of years; especially since Charles Darwin’s ground-breaking work opened the... February 7, 2019

Who? How? How Many?

These amazingly simplistic questions are at the heart of a growing predicament centered around preserving those places in the world... June 21, 2018