Sustainable Travel in Peru

Peru is a perennial favorite destination in Latin America. Its rich history encompasses early indigenous cultures, the powerful Inca civilization and the Spanish colonial conquest. This melding, blending and distilling of the diverse cultural elements has resulted in passionate and energetic people and stellar archeological sites, from Machu Picchu to Sipan. The landscapes are nearly as varied, and run the gauntlet from the dramatic high-altitude Andes Mountains and the world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca, to the incredible rainforest of the upper Amazon River Basin. Then there is amazing Colca Canyon, with depths of 11,000 feet, making it twice that of the Grand Canyon. Peru has some 43 native languages – from Quechua and Amara in the Andes to Shipibo and Ashaninka in the Amazon. The great cultural and religious mix also means that there are nearly 3,000 annual festivals in Peru, including patron saint feasts, processions, rituals and more. Peru has also come onto the international stage as a culinary dynamo, especially its capital city, Lima. History, culture, nature – Peru is a rewarding destination.

What are they doing right?

With its abundant biodiversity and rich cultural heritage, Peru has worked to protect the Amazon rainforest through the creation of large national reserves and, in partnership with local NGOs such as Pronaturaleza and Inkaterra, has promoted the development of ecotourism and encouraged new community-based tourism activities such as sustainable agroforestry. In addition, alarmed by the effects of the growing number of visitors to Machu Picchu, Peru took action to better regulate the system of visitation to the famous UNESCO World Heritage citadel to help better protect and reduce negative impacts on this important cultural heritage monument.

The Finch Ranking

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The destination recognizes sustainability as being important and have embarked on establishing sustainable tourism practices.

With its vibrant cultural history, encompassing indigenous cultures, including the ancient Inca, and the Spanish conquistadors, Peru’s people are passionate about their heritage - both culture and nature. The latter is marked by high Andean mountain peaks to lush lowland Amazon jungles to dramatic Pacific coastlines. In addition, Peruvians are known for their culinary passions, making it an incredible food destination. Proud Peruvians are eager to share their commitment to their past, present and future with travelers seeking to learn about the mosaic of experiences. from urban to rural, that Peru has to offer. Learn more about the values.

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