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The lure of the Galapagos Islands Cruise

Giant Galapagos tortoises meander distant highlands, and prehistoric marine iguanas sun themselves on black lava rocks along the shore. Flightless cormorants and tiny penguins dart through the waters while graceful red-billed tropicbirds screech across the sky. In the company of a Galapagos naturalist guide aboard a luxury Galapagos cruise, you set out to explore remarkable island ecosystems as you inch past lounging sea lions, scout for breaching whales offshore and pink flamingos in hidden lagoons. The volcanic Galapagos islands sit about 650 miles west of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. At first, they appear to be desolate. Yet, these rough and rocky isles are home to wonderfully strange and abundant wildlife. As Charles Darwin some 200 years before us, we marvel at the highly adapted creatures found nowhere else on earth.

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