The United Nations Declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development


Below is a breakdown introducing the five basic principles of sustainability that you can use to evaluate a company, hotel, or any business.


Countries With Sustainable Travel & Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly Business Practices
  • Renewable energy accommodations
  • Bio fuel for transportation
  • Rain water collection and purification
  • Reduced image of fragile ecosystems
  • Recycling in all forms
Countries With Sustainable Travel & Cultural Heritage
Support for Cultural Heritage
  • Revenue sharing land grants
  • Preventing commoditization
  • Go to Plymouth Rock, don’t bring Plymouth Rock to you
  • Everyone has a seat at the table
  • Local community sourced employment
Countries With Sustainable Travel & Cross Cultural
Support of cross cultural understanding and discovering lands previously inaccessible
  • Empowering post conflict collaboration
  • Discovering lands previously inaccessible
  • Embracing gender equality through sustainable tourism
  • Promoting sustainable tourism for political stability
  • Tourism as a platform against any form of violence. Vehicle towards peace
Countries With Sustainable Travel & Cultural Heritage
Support for protection of nature and biodiversity
  • Private conservancies with shared fates
  • Community-based preservation patrols
  • Protection of endangered species
  • Reduction in mass tourism/mass cruise presence
  • Replanting indigenous plant species
Countries With Sustainable Travel & Economic Wellness
Support and Economic Well Being of Local People
  • Empowering gender equality
  • Clean drinking water and reduction of harmful carcinogens
  • Shared conservation trust agreements on indigenous lands
  • Opening the door/opportunities for impoverished inner city youth
  • Habitat restoration

Sustainable Travel Tours

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